About Us

Forward thinking for today’s seniors.

“As a medical practitioner and community builder, I feel I have a key role in reversing troubling health trends in our aging population by prioritizing healthy living in the form of vibrant and sustainable communities that Emshih Living creates. It’s my living legacy and can be yours.”
– Dr. Michael Shih

Emshih Living brings together a passion for responsible development, community involvement and individual well-being. Our thoughtful retirement communities integrate the FitWel certification system, optimizing buildings to support better health and efficiency. Our forward-thinking and innovative perspective enhances the enjoyment, health and wellness of our residents. We distinguish ourselves through a core commitment to enrich our surroundings as a whole – after all, it’s the foundation of people that make a building into a thriving community.

Emshih Living is proud of our unique approach to building communities that foster healthy, active and socially engaging lifestyles for each and every resident. Our focused perspective comes from Emshih Developments’ Founders, Dr. Michael and Mrs. Emily Shih. The Shih’s have earned their highly respected reputation over 40 years of innovative commercial, retail and medical facility developments in the GTA West.

With a B.Sc. degree from McGill University and an M.D. degree from the University of Toronto, Dr. Shih combines an exceptional educational background and passion for life-long learning with a holistic outlook for exceptional retirement community living.

Each Emshih Living project is a result of Dr. Michael Shih’s firm belief in actively pursuing and contributing to making a positive difference.

“We distinguish ourselves through our core commitment to enriching the community as a whole. After all, buildings may make a community but it’s the people and neighbours who make it thrive.”