Our mother’s safety and well-being is one of my sisters’ and my main concerns and The Jacob is a God-send.  The decor is bright and cheerful and the staff is friendly, capable, and caring. The food, amenities, and the various activities are second to none. We are so glad to have found The Jacob for our mom
Nancy Rocca
Ever since my dad moved in to the Jacob I knew we picked the right home for him. The staff are just incredible. They always make you feel welcome and cared for and have always made me feel like family. They will go above and beyond always to make you and the residents happy and comfortable. If something isn’t possible they will find a way to make it possible. I get excited when I go visit my dad because not only do I get to see the beautiful building but I get to see their smiling faces (even if it’s under masks I can tell they are !) 
Julia Misek

The staff at The Jacob are very friendly and always attentive to the needs of the residents. As a family member, I always feel welcome when I visit. The building itself is beautiful and there are so many comfortable spaces for the residents to relax and to engage in social activities. I can’t say enough about what a positive experience it has been for my mom. In her words, “I wish I had done this years ago!

Diane Mullane

My parents were two of the first people to move into The Jacob in February 2021.  Their experience has been nothing but fabulous.  The staff were so welcoming and accommodating which was especially appreciated through the initial quarantining period.  As a family member I have been treated with great respect and have been informed of and included with decision making all along the way.  Unfortunately, my father became very ill after his first 10 months and required palliative care. The staff at the Jacob quickly put things in place to provide the care that he needed there at the Jacob on the Assisted Living floor. This was so good for my father to be cared for in a comfortable room close to my Mom who could visit him anytime day or night as needed. The nursing staff were incredible and provided such great, compassionate care for my father in his final days.  Their care for my mother during this period and after was equally fantastic.  I have nothing but great things to say about this place and would highly recommend it for anyone.

Linda Smith

My sister and I are beyond thrilled that our Father is a resident of The Jacob.  It has given us peace of mind knowing he is in such an incredible home and taken care of by such capable and caring staff.   The Jacob is not only his new home but it feels like its our home too when we come visit.

Joanne Henry
Our dad can’t say enough good things about his accommodation and the staff! Very nicely done everyone.
Suzanne Gaulton
My dad moved into The Jacob last September, he has loved it since day 1. All of the staff; meeting new people; the great food, and movie nights have contributed to his enjoyment, and we feel he has just thrived since moving in. Thanks to everyone at The Jacob for making the transition so easy for him and his family!
Jennifer Rossi

Upon entering “The Jacob”, my husband and my first impression was — “Is this a Cruise Ship??!!

A beautiful spacious foyer with a winding staircase, and water fountain, that bursts with vibrant colours – which perfectly mirrors and describes The Jacob staff who always greet you with a warm welcoming smile.

Magnificent meals and homemade goodies a la Chef Larry and team, that rivals ‘The Keg’s menus and celebrates varied cultural cuisines and holiday themes.

We love that The Jacob encourages a sense of community and collaborative spirit, through their monthly ‘Town Hall’ meetings for discussions and planning purposes.

Constant communication to families by Candise Nicholson, Executive Director (aka ‘Cruise Ship Director’) is Amazing and so appreciative by providing thoughtful reassurances and up to date information t​o families.  The Jacob gives us peace of mind and confidence in knowing that my Mom has access to medical staff should she require assistance.  We feel that The Jacob goes above and beyond to ensure their residents are safe and healthy – physically, socially and mentally.

The weekly social activities are always creative (e.g. painting, gardening, seated Zoomba, euchre, ladder golf, Golden Retriever visits, and of course Candise’ very own Saint Bernard puppy comes too), and themes where even the staff participate right down to the meal menus.  My Mom has enjoyed playing the piano, and participated in outdoor fun with her friends, including parking lot shows with classic cars, Alpacas/donkeys/goats and The Jacob Tour Bus that was magically transformed into an Ice Cream truck.

Whenever possible, The Jacob brings in musical entertainment, welcomes community partnerships through learning activities and presentations, including the Fleming Library who even provide bags of books that they personally select for the residents based upon their favourite authors and interests.

We feel so very blessed that my Mom chose to live at The Jacob, which makes her feel at home because of the friendships that she has developed, and their staff who have truly become an extension of our family.

My husband and my only request to The Jacob is —- Please reserve a room for us in the future!

Michele & Peter Lambie