The Jacob offers a wide array of services and specialized programmes to suit your individual needs.
From independent or assisted living, food and fitness, you’ll find our attentive staff support your mind, body and spirit.

Be Well

Emshih Living + FitWel™
Well Matched

When it comes to design or details, nothing has been overlooked at The Jacob. It’s forward thinking design, planning, scale, size and location are all purposefully designed to improve your well-being and provide an all-inclusive experience.

The design, materials, construction and lifestyle attributes of The Jacob have been carefully considered
for seniors specifically – to encourage and promote an active, engaged and independent lifestyle.

Emshih Living and The Jacob will subscribe to the rigorous FitWel™ certification programme

  • 1. Optimal Walk Score – FitWel™ communities are high on the walk score. They are smart, infill sites that promote the use of existing infrastructure and connectivity to the established communities they belong to.
    Evidence suggests walking promotes an individual’s mobility and increased mood and positivity but also makes for an active and engaged community too.
  • 2. More Green Connections – FitWel™ designed communities – like The Jacob offer residents plenty of outdoor living, open spaces and natural connections. Evidence suggests that seniors thrive when exposed to open air environments like landscaped courtyards, parks, ponds and pathways – The Jacob has them all.
    Boost your exercise quota, socialization and mental vitality beyond your suite. Enjoy year-round outdoor experiences by exploring the many outdoor connections. Join a walking group for fellowship and fitness. Meet the local dog walkers. Greet your neighbours.
  • 3. Bike Friendly – Explore safe, smooth, well-lit local trails that encourage confident cycling for seniors. The Jacob offers storage for residents to enjoy the freedom of bicycling the neighbourhood.
    Keep active and balanced on your bike. Engage with the community and nature on a ride.
  • 4. Garden Variety – Don’t give up your green thumb. Take part in our communal garden. The Jacob will offer raised flower, veggie, and fresh herb garden beds to cultivate your own produce.
    Nurturing plants and tending to greenery is therapeutic and provides joy for residents.
  • 5. Al Fresco Dining – Enjoy seating areas, dining tables and BBQ at The Jacob’s outdoor terrace.
    Designing landscaped areas encourages spending more time outdoors.
    Healthy food and good conversation are key to increased socialization and meaningful relationships
  • 6. Designed for Serenity – A sensory garden, a serene courtyard, a quiet space, a sun filled niche, a view of the pond. The Jacob has been mindfully designed for special moments of quiet, solitude and reflection.
    A place of reflection and gratitude is key to positivity and self-care.
  • 7. Improved Water Quality and Easy Access – Improved water quality through purified water
    – free of contaminants and easily accessible is a goal at The Jacob. Every floor will have purified water bottle refilling station for improved hydration and easy access. The dispensers offer easy to use ergonomics for older adults.
    Improved hydration is key for older adults. Water on demand means better digestions, better cognition, improved joints, better dietary habits, and decreased consumption of sugary beverage and impulsive choices when snacking.
  • 8. Brilliant Lighting – Illuminating. Accurate vision is hard for aging eyes. Appropriate illumination for task lighting, reading, watching TV, crosswords and overall hallway and amenity areas have been considered.
    Keeping spaces bright and inviting encourages socialization and connectivity.
  • 9. Breathe Easier – Improved Air Quality – Inside and Out. The Jacob is in fresh air Beamsville, part of the Province’s Protected Greenbelt and is surrounded by orchards, trees, the Escarpment and Lake Ontario breezes.
    • Improved indoor air quality with an always on, state-of-the-art fresh air ventilation system for continuous optimal fresh air circulation. Brand new construction means plenty of fresh air return and no older “Sick Building Syndrome” staleness.
    • Premium Materials – building products, finishes, insulation, flooring, ceiling systems, paints are all considered to minimize off-gassing and noxious odours.
    • The Jacob is a smoke free environment.

    Enhanced respiratory and cognition, improved alertness and mental health and relief for those suffering allergy, asthma and respiratory conditions.

  • 10. Wayfinding Comfort–Lighting the Way – Visibility is key for safety, security, mobility and
    freedom of independence. The Jacob is an energy efficient new build.
    Increased safety and peace-of-mind leads to more independence.
  • 11. Better “StairWel” attitude – Burn Calories, Not Electricity – The Jacob design considers the case for more stair use and less reliance on elevators. Staircases are centrally located, easily accessible, wider format in pleasing bright colours – with natural light from nearby windows.
    Stair use is great for keeping active and nimble. Encouraging able bodied residents to take the stairs adds vim and vigour to their steps while saving on electricity.
  • 12. Better Built – Smart technology, premium building products, and leading-edge construction mean solid construction and stately good looks
    • Premium Materials – brick and stone mean solid construction and stately good looks.
    • Noise reduction – increased acoustic panels are a sound investment.
    • Wet zones are water resistant materials for mould prevention.

    Quality construction and premium materials contribute to everyday ease and satisfaction

  • 13. Active Mind. Active Body. FitWel™ and Emshih Living have a shared mind set when it comes to life-long learning and the pursuit of personal fulfillment and productivity.
    By pursuing our favourite passions, activities and hobbies we feed our hearts and make our minds sharp. Enjoy an enriched educational and fulfilling inner life with stimulating conversation, book clubs, lectures and group outings.
    Be creative with art, crafts, baking, card games – now is the time to rediscover what fulfills you!

What is FitWel™

FitWel™ is a premier certifications system for optimizing building design
and operations to improve the quality of life for its occupants.

FitWel™ is a global, evidence-based certification that recognizes smart,
future-proofing, healthy buildings that promote the
enhancement of mind, body and spirit.

FitWel™ design innovations offer residents, workers and visitors an
improved experience through a number of design and science
based innovations to foster wellness, happiness and vitality.

FitWel™ is aligned with Emshih Living’s Philosophy
“Healthier Buildings Make for Healthier
Communities and Happier Citizens”

Eat Well

Emshih Living believes in eating well and looking forward to tasty meals and snacks prepared with nutrition and variety in mind. The Jacob will develop hearty, tasty and nutritious meals that are locally sourced, balanced and dietitian-approved meals to suit discerning palates and special diets.

At every meal, you’re invited to select from a variety of dishes from a seasonal daily menu or à-la-carte menu of resident favourites. You will have fresh foods, fruits, vegetables and a balanced approach to meats, poultry and dairy.

We haven’t forgotten about Cocktail Hour – with a focus on the award-wining VQA local wines and ciders from Beamsville, Jordan, Grimsby and Niagara. *Additional fees will apply.


Hot and Cold Cereal, Yogurt, Selection of Breads and Muffins, Fresh Fruit
Coffee, Tea, Assorted Fruit Juices


Soup: Butternut Squash
Salad Selection: Caesar, Greek, House, Spinach
Main Entrée: Quiche Lorraine
– or –
Hot Roast Beef au jus on a Bun
Selection of Desserts: Ice cream, frozen yogurt, cookies, fruit

*In addition a menu of a la carte options are available


Soup: Beef Barley
Salad Selection: Casear, Greek, House, Spinach
Main Entrée: Salmon with Rice Pilaf accompanied with green beans and carrots
– or –
BBQ Chicken with Roasted Potatoes accompanied with cheddar broccoli
Dessert: Crème Brule

*In addition a menu of a la carte options are available

Choose Well

Retirement living without Compromise

The Jacob is a masterfully planned, perfectly scaled 6 storey resort-styled senior’s retirement building with plenty of independent and assisted living suites to choose from. The Jacob’s many thoughtful age-in-place features and benefits offer suite satisfaction you’ll truly appreciate.

1 Choose Well – Multiple Floorplans

Whether you are looking for a studio, one bedroom, one bedroom and den or two bedroom, the options are plentiful to find what’s just right for your lifestyle needs.

2 Well Designed Layouts

  • Modern, open concept layouts with airy, bright interiors
  • Easy to furnish and circulate
  • High ceilings aid in the feeling of spaciousness and comfort

3 Well Appointed Features & Finishes

  • Practical flooring is easy to walk on, durable and good looking
  • Ergonomic hardware, easy lever door handles
  • Elegant baseboard and trim
  • Easy to operate bathroom fixtures, grab bars
  • Efficient kitchens with furniture-style cabinetry

4 Room With a View – Premium Windows, Operable & Oversized

  • Having lower, bigger, brighter and well placed windows and balconies makes people feel connected to the outdoors.
  • Safe operable windows also allow residents to control their own space, and listen to crickets and birds.
  • All suites feature local neighbourhood, treetop, Escarpment, Pond or Lake Ontario views.

5 Black Out Blinds Are Better

A good nights’ sleep is key to feeling refreshed and invigorated. Operable blackout window shading helps block artificial light at night and protect against physical and mental effects of age related circadian misalignment.

6 Safe Bathrooms

Maintain your dignity and independence with spacious and safe private bathroom

  • Elevated, elongated toilet
  • Walk-in shower
  • Non-slip flooring
  • Easy grab bars
  • Generous turning radius for walkers, canes or wheelchairs

7 Climate Control

Be in control of your suite temperature with individual thermostat for heating and cooling to suit your personal comfort.

8 Light Palette

Professionally selected light and cheery colour palettes have been selected to promote timeless elegance and evoke calmness and contentment.

9 Built-in Peace-of-Mind – Safety is #1

Your safety and wellbeing are assured with in-suite features and on-site security programmes.

  • Every suite is well–equipped with sprinklers, fire safety and emergency response systems
  • The Jacob’s staff have comprehensive emergency response preparedness training
  • Defibrillator on site